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The Universe is comprised of energy which is constantly flowing and transforming, affecting all areas of our lives. The energy in our daily environment can negatively impact our well-being. We believe it is necessary to maintain the energy in our living environment, as positive energy can help us to increase personal wealth, to stay healthy, to be happy and to eliminate bad habits. At Gaylord Spiritual Counseling , we understand how important it is to maintain a high vibrational environment. Our Mystics are trained to help you to identify and clear negative energy from your home or business. These could be energies that were either left behind from previous owners or family members or energy left behind from a loved one’s passing. These negative energies imprint detrimental energies in our living environment that may linger and affect us for years to come.

Do you experience changes of temperature, strange odors, hear steps or noises in your home? Do you feel physically drained, depressed, or angry? Is there constant fighting in your home? If so, energy imprints in your home may be the issue. Space clearing establishes inviting energy. If your environment was previously inhabited, you may be prey to negative energy.

The Advisors at Gaylord Spiritual Counseling are trained professionals who can detect these energies. Let us come to your home and assess the issue for you. Our team of Spiritual professionals will clear away these energies and help you change the vibration so that your home can foster prosperity and love in a negative free environment.

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